How it works - Photography by Helen

How it works

1. Have a look at the photos on my website.

2.  If you like my style.  Email or phone to book a session.  

If theres anything you prefer (i.e. a bed background, studios look etc),

then please mention it at this point.

3. You will be sent a booking form.  

To be completed and returns along with your booking fee.

4.  Once your booking fee has been received and cleared, confirmation

of your shoot will be sent.

5.  Time to start thinking about clothes.  Plain always look better and co-ordinate with different shades of one colour.  Always happy to give some guidance here.

6.  Approximately a week prior to your event I will drop you a little reminder.

7.  Arrive promptly on the day of your shoot as any lateness will be

taken out of your time allocation.

8.  Bring your best smiles and a change of clothes if you are going for different looks.

9.  In 2-4 weeks you will be given a password where you will find your

gallery on my website ready to order.

10.  Orders are placed here and sent directly to the address of your choice. You will have  7 days after your password has been issued in which to place your order.

All USB orders to be made directly through me.  For this simply mail me your requirements and once payment has been received I will arrange a date for delivery. 

Please note that between your booking and actual photoshoot

I am always on the end of a line or email.

Hope this step by step guide to your photoshoot helps.

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